Portugal Photo Tours

We offer unique experiences and photographic opportunities for nature and outdoors enthusiasts. 

portugal photo tours


Promote the art of photography throughout Portugal while conserving the rawness of the locations we visit. Sharing real experiences with the local communities and our client photographers. 

Explore the country side with the help of professional Photographers. Find the hidden gem locations, take your time to enjoy the surrounding nature, set up your composition and click! 

Avoid the normal touristic comercial routes and explore uncrowded locations. The local communities we visit are still very pure and raw and this is the experience we want to bring to our customers.

We promote workshops of different genres and we work with an extensive network of Photographers that are experts in different areas :

  • landscape

  • portraiture

  • street

  • documental

  • studio

  • astro photography

  • architecture

Photography is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures
— Don McCullin


  • variety of locations that will serve the type of photography you wish to shoot

  • Provide Photography options to our clients : Landscape, Street, Portraits, Night sky, Sunrises and sunsets, Documental, Architecture, etc

  • raw experiences and interaction with the small communities in the country-side.

  • Unique expeditions to the inner countryside of Portugal mixing photography with culture and gastronomy. 

  • Visit locations that are Not satured by tourists.

  • Our tours are unique and designed for all levels of photographers as well as people just looking for an adventure and a different more exclusive view of Portugal.

  • improve your photography skills.

  • Learn from a network of different photographers specialized in different styles.


A great picture is the mirror of a great moment.

To live real moments you need to be ready to share real moments. Don't walk in with your camera like a snipper. Bring something to offer the local community, be genuine and enjoy the moment. Live it before you shoot it! You'll find that you'll enjoy these experiences much more if they are more than just photography!