Seascapes of Porto

Half-day tour

This half day tour is a customizable option for landscape photography lovers, looking to explore different options of sea and river spots in Porto.

If landscape photography is your style or simply if you have a passion for sunsets, this is the tour you’ll want to do.

We have 4 locations that work best in different conditions. You’ll be able to pick 2 of these. According to the weather forecast, your guide will also give you input and suggestions so you can grab the best image on the day of your tour.

All of the options can give you strong and beautiful images. Take your pick!

Captura de ecrã 2018-11-27, às 18.09.48.png

Senhor da Pedra

This location works best in low tide, as it reveals the rocks on the shore, allowing for amazing leading lights during the sunset.

This is our first choice for a good sunny day but it does depend on the tides.

Captura de ecrã 2019-01-08, às 17.50.50.png

Castelo do Queijo

This location is our safe bet! it’s always interesting no matter what the conditions and it’s not dependable on the tide.

IMG_8234 2.JPG

Farol da Foz

The lighthouse has turned into a fashion location to visit for tourists. This is our favourite stop but also one of the most photographed along the coastline of Porto.

But with rough weather, people don’t venture so much. Well we do, cause it’s actually when it becomes more interesting! with zero people and rough waves hitting the lighthouse.

Captura de ecrã 2019-01-04, às 17.33.08.png


Location 4 is also beautiful and it has so many available composition options with no tourist in front of you - it’s also considered a safe bet.

This location works wonders both in beautiful sunny days as well as foggy days.