Full day tour - Departure from Porto

This full day tour with departure from Porto takes you off the beaten path, straight into nature. You’ll get to experience beautiful traditional architecture, reflections, local people that are wonderful to photograph and amazing traditional Portuguese food.

  • Landscape, Architecture, Nature, Portraits and Long Exposure

  • Professional, multilingual guide to help you discover the Andes in a unique and fun way.

  • Focused on photography.

  • Explore surprise locations away from the tourist crowds.

  • Tips and advice to maximise your photographic experience every step of the way.

Piodão Photo Tour

Foz D’egua

This location is absolute paradise and our first stop early morning right after breakfast.

We visit this beautiful house with a double-crossing over a river early in the morning for 2 reasons. We avoid any possible crowds (usually busy location in the afternoon) and also the wind.

It’s much more likely to have quiet winds in the morning. We’ll make the best of the weather conditions to shoot this location with still waters allowing for perfect reflections.

Bring a swimsuit, swimming in these fresh waters with no one else around is an experience itself.

Captura de ecrã 2019-01-08, às 16.05.04.png

Piodão - the village

This old village has stopped in time and feels medieval in every little corner.

We’ll have all the afternoon to explore around the village. Photograph it’s amazing architecture and local habitants (great portrait opportunities).

At blue hour we move to a spot over the road to photograph the village with it’s initial lights making for a wonderful lit image of the village surrounded by a green environment.

Captura de ecrã 2019-01-08, às 16.07.44.png

Along the way

Doing a private photography tour means you get to set the stops. If you see something along the way that you enjoy, we’ll do our best to stop at a safe place and do the shot.

There’s no rush. We want you to go back home with great shots and memories.



07 am - Pick up from your hotel/hostel in Porto

We start our 2h40m drive through a comfortable highway and then inland through the national roads of Portugal. Sit back and enjoy the change of scenario throughout this drive that takes you from the coastline into the countryside. 

If you see something you enjoy along the road and it is safe to stop the car, we can always stop to capture some images.

09h40 - Arrival at Piodão for breakfast.

piodão photo tour

This small village where 171 people live is located in the mountain chain of Serra do Açor and dates back to the 13th Century. This is as medieval as it gets.

You’ll find some of the oldest and best preserved houses in the country.

Right in the main square we do a quick stop for a traditional breakfast until 10h15. Try the typical bread, cheese and jams of the region. The food in these locations is as natural and tasty as you can imagine.

piodão photo tour

We leave Piodão behind as the afternoon light is more adequate for this location. We’ll go for a quick drive of 10minutes into a nearby village called Foz D’Égua. This location presents you a great morning light in the middle of the mountains and allows for an amazing picture of the old houses and their reflection in the water

It is amazing to swim in these waters surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature. It is also very common to find this location with nobody in it in the morning, which is quite a privilege. We will stay in this area for around 2 hours to make the best of the available light as well as enjoy some swim time if you wish to do so.

At around 12h30 we drive back to Piodão and go for lunch at the oldest restaurant in town, built in one of the oldest houses as well. The food in “O Fontana” is divine. We recommend the fresh trout from the local rivers although there are plenty of other options in the Menu. Lunch is scheduled for 1 hour but we can easily prolong it without missing out.

After lunch we will walk around the village to photograph it’s people and houses. Some of the main attractions are the Chapel of the Souls and the Matriz Church. But the right thing to do is just to walk around the alleyways of the village and enjoy the crazy architecture of this stunning village. 


6pm - Drive back to a spot in the nearby valley where you can get the entire village on one shot. During the sunset the village becomes engulfed in shadow which allows for an easy exposure. Usually before the blue hour the first lights start to light up and once the blue hour comes you’ll have a full lit village that looks stunning. This will be the last image we make before driving back to Porto.

10pm - Arrival in Porto. We can either drop you off at your accommodation or drive you straight to a restaurant in Porto.


  • Explore the photographically rich Piodão medieval village and Foz D’Égua in your own time and photograph at your leisure in order to seek out the best and most interesting compositions.

  • Meet and photograph locals in incredible locations.

  • Relax and go for a swim in a beautiful scenario, surrounded by the sounds of nature. Your guide will be taking your pictures so you can take some memories home.

  • Have a typical meal filled with flavours and at a cheap price. Food here is an experience in itself.

  • End the day with a blue hour session overlooking the medieval town of Piodão and the abyssal valleys in the surroundings.


- Photography assistance during entire tour

- Professional photographer guide

- Pictures from guide will be sent by email in the following days

- Transport in a private vehicle throughout entire day

- Pick-up and drop-off at hotel or Hostel in Porto.


- Food and drinks

-Personal insurance


1-to-1 tour with guide/photographer (private): 195 euros

2 or more people : 120 euros (per person)