6 reasons to travel with us

So many options in the market, why choose us?

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1. off the beaten path, away from the crowds

Ipads, Selfie-sticks, huge crowds trampling people in search of the best profile picture, these are common scenarios on beautiful locations all over the world and Portugal is no exception to this problem.

Sometimes it seems impossible to take a picture without one thousand tourists in front of you. Nature sounds are replaced by chaotic sounds of different languages spoken all at the same time. Your eyes and ears find it hard to relax and enjoy the moment.

We know some unique locations where you experience a true immersion in nature away from these crowds.

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2. Photography first

Our tours are built with an emphasis on quality at all times. We are committed to design tours and lead photographers on cultural travel experiences you will never forget.

You are our priority and will not be left to fend for yourself, our leaders will be there for support along the entire journey.

Our focus is to make sure you go home with amazing experiences, memories and images.

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our team

3. Designed for everyone.

Our trips are designed for all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting out or simply in search of a different way to see Portugal, you’ll feel right at home with us.

In the words of one of our guests:

it didn’t matter that i wasn’t a photographer - i used my iphone and had a wonderful experience. The results surprised me! Great tips from my guide, very valuable and i hope to use them on my next trips. Enjoying nature in the national park without anyone in sight was a previlege. Worth every penny.


4. behind the scenes.

Scouting and logistics are a big part of our work. No location is added to our tours without going through several visits. This ensures our guests have a safe experience, with comfortable transportation, accomodation, great gastronomical experiences and above all - make the most of their time.

Far from cutting corners, we go out of our way to ensure you have the best possible experience at all the best possible locations.

All you need is your camera and a positive vibe! we’ll take care of the rest.


5. tailor-made. Create your experience

Some people prefer the mountains over the seas, others would love to focus on cityscapes or castles and old villages in the country-side. The wildest ones would like to know every single part of Portugal.

Photography preferences, budget, accomodation, transportation - it can all be tailored to your preferences.

Our specialty is creating tours on demand.

Contact us, let's talk about it !


6. our team - here for you 24/7

More than just being great photographers, our friendly guides are helpful, up-to-date and a pleasure to be around. Dedicated one-to-one time with each guest is a priority, as well as helping out with editing, composition on the spot, being your interpreter, your fixer, giving you access to unique photographic opportunities.

In a sentence, we want you to have fun and focus on what’s important - your time and experience.